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Extending the EPM - you need to be a pro?

The EPM, being shipped with OS/2 or eComStation as part of your desktop, is a very flexible and reliable editor. Not many users though also do know, that it is also highly extendable and configurable, far more than you may know from the built-in settings notebook that it provides. But already the task of adding new filenames or extensions to the syntax highlight support or alone activating hilight support for certain files cannot be accomplished by most end users.

For all that beyond the settings notebook EPM users in fact need some kind of programming knowledge and for many things they require also the E sources and the compiler for those. Moreover, the E sources and the macro compiler need to be installed manually, after having hunted them down in the internet.

The EPM Distribution

Now does all the above sound weird and complicated to you? Then checkout the EPM Distribution (NEPMD).

Among many other features the EPM Distribution provides:

  • easy installation and deinstallation via a convenient WarpIN package - without reboot!
  • extended environment variables loaded for EPM sessions only - they don't clutter your config.sys!
  • new, user configurable mechanism for to determine file types, called EPM mode
  • extended syntax highlighting support - one now can easily extend the list of keywords or change a color by modifying only one symbol, without to hassle with the original files provided by NEPMD
  • many features making editing files a piece of cake, both for developers and for end-users
  • easy backup and restore of all your changes (and only those files!) due to the extended and easy to use directory structure of NEPMD
  • greatly extended documentation about all added features
  • great developers support by providing
    • extended recompile support - recompile by a mouse click
    • cleaned up EPM code with less hard-coded values

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